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Breast Asymmetry

What is Breast Asymmetry Correction surgery?


Breast asymmetry describes breasts that may demonstrate different size, shape, nipple and areolar complex differences, or any combination of these. While breast asymmetry is extremely common, and most women have a mild degree of asymmetry, the presence of severe breast asymmetry can be a source of diminishes self- confidence and unhappiness

Some examples of breast aymmetry include:

  • Asymmetric  Breast hypertrophy- one breast larger than the other
  • Asymmetric breast hypoplasia – both breasts are small, one smaller than the other
  • Asymmetric breast ptosis – breast droop on one side
  • Nipple/ Areolar asymmetry – differences in nipple or areolar size,shape or  projection
  • Tuberous breast deformity – unusual breast shape with varying degrees of breast constriction, areolar herniation, size discrepancy, and asymmetry

Certain women may possess one, several, or all of the above. To correct breast asymmetry Dr Guilfoyle often uses a combination of breast surgery approaches. Employing breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift. Dr. Guilfoyle  will recommend a plastic surgery treatment plan that is uniquely customized  to the patient’s anatomic asymmetry and personal goals.

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